Elme Automatika Kft.

Haptic measurement

Measurement software for registration of force-displacement curves of vehicle keys. Based on measurement result can be define the characteristic of key buttons like pre-stress maximum point, operation and end position and return peak points.

ETLsoft Kft.

Reuse station

Automation of disassembly line for damaged part of automatic assembly. During manual disassembly all of used elements are identified and rechecked with recognition of components (QR and RF-ID reading and control between central database and parts). The software use barcode readers and databased and based on results control the actuators, which collect the reusable parts.

Automation of SWAS production line

SWAS (Steering wheel angle sensor) assembly line automation, where the stored processes for background database, control and evaluation software were developed in LabVIEW.

Nilfisk Production Kft.

Control software implementation of high voltage tester

High voltage tester control software was implemented for high-pressure washers, where DAQ cards and measurement instruments were controlled by LabVIEW software. Additionally the old file based production description was replaced by a central database, which handle the production steps and descriptions and can be managed by web based editor.

Test data registration and data evaluation web tool

For internal testing of produced instrument a web based tool was developed, where the users can edit the test process parameters and can evaluate the measurement results.

Semperform Kft.

Monitoring and display system for production

Online displaying system for production state, where the molding machine status and working phase can be seen online. All of manufacturing data are stored in central database, which are displayed and evaluated (down and cycle time, number of produced parts) with web based software.

Storage handling of raw materials

Desktop software for stock management of raw materials. All of property (material name, type number, storage place, price, etc.) of raw materials and usage for production are stored in one common system with background database. Additionally the software has add-on modules, where the used volume and the financial controlling can be reporting automatically, thus the monthly inventory and cost calculation were automatized.

Vesz-mont 2000 Kft.

Assembly machine for Activity key

Software solution to LabVIEW and Beckhoff PLC controlled Assembly machine. The main machine elements are controlled by PLC, which send the status of actuators to LabVIEW (LV) software via Ethernet. The LV SW collect and process the status and control the assembly process.

Punching stations

The main control unit is a CRio, which handle the emergency circuit and perform the mechanical actuators (servo and actuators handling) control. This control unit communicate a PC through Ethernet, which make the vision control (measure the height of components, with and pattern control of components legs) of punched elements.